Private 1-to-1 Kids Clothes Sewing Class Singapore (Girls’ Dress)


Private 1-to-1 Kids Clothes Sewing Class Singapore (Girls’ Dress)

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Private 1-to-1 Kids Clothes Sewing Class (Girls’ Dress):   

Schedule: Flexi hour, classes can be weekday daytime or Saturday morning.

Location: La Salle Street, Singapore (About 12 minutes walk from Kembangan MRT station)

Course duration: $300 for 15 hours lessons (5 x 3 hours lessons) 

You will learn from taking measurements, drafting, pattern making, cutting the fabric to sew your own piece of choice within the 15 hours of lessons.

Registration:  Deposit $75 to POSB saving account 104-64895-9 or PayLah or PayNow to 90931378. Then, WhatsApp us your deposit screenshot and let us know when would you like to start your first class. Please give 2 alternative timing just in case. Balance of $225 to be paid on the first class.


Private 1-to-1 Lingerie Sewing Class Singapore

Private 1-to-1 DIY Lingerie Sewing Class (DIY Lingerie of your choice: 1 simple design 1 complicated design) is now available at La Salle Street Singapore:

Sewing Classes Singapore with excellent sewing teacher customize your sewing lessons for lingerie making according to your choice. No prior skills are needed. Suitable for those who would like to start their own lingerie business or a past-time hobby.

Course Schedule: Flexi-hour (as mutually agreed subject to teachers availability)

Course Fee: $300 for 15 hours personal coaching lessons (5 x 3 hours lessons)

Location: La Salle Street, Singapore 456934  (About 12 minutes walk from Kembangan MRT station)

The teacher will do a personal coaching caters to each individual’s specific interest.

You don’t have to bring anything to the class. All materials are provided.


The Meaning of Colours

Everyone has different colours preference. Are you aware of the meaning of each colour and how to choose and apply the colours? What kind of impression that you have given to others?

The colour you choose to wear reflects your mood or an occasion for the day. It actually in-sync with our state of mind. Some days you feel like wearing black and some days you go with all red picking from your wardrobe.

Three major classes of colours are:

  1. Active Colours (Red, pink, yellow, orange)
    Strong, passionate and seeks to stand out
  2. Passive Colours (Blue, green, purple)
    Calming, soothes.
  3. Neutral Colours (White, black, gray, beige, brown)
    Generally relaxing, and boring to some.

Colour Groupings - The Meaning of Colours
3 Main Classes of Colours

However, the shade of the above colours would make you feel different. For example, bright fiery red and muted brick red, would have a different emotion and response. There are saturated colours and muted colours.

Saturated Colours vs Muted Colours - The Meaning of Colours
Saturated Colours vs Muted Colours

The meaning of the colours:

Red: Action, confidence, courage, vitality
Pink: Love, beauty
Brown: Earth, order, convention
Orange: Vitality with endurance
Gold: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom
Yellow: Wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
Green: Life, nature, fertility, well being
Blue: Youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Purple: Royalty, magic, mystery
Indigo: Intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
White: Purity, Cleanliness
Black: Earth, stability
Gray: Security, maturity

As a general colour guide:
WHITE: Pure, truthful, modern, contemporary, refined, clean
YELLOW: Positive, sunny, warm, happy
ORANGE: Fun, cheerful, warm, exuberant, playful, vibrant
PINK: Feminine, innocent, soft, healthy, calming, secure, sweet
RED: Bold, excited, passionate, strong, vital, sexy, powerful
BLUE: Authoritative, secure, trusting, reliable, mysterious
GREEN: Tranquil, healthy, fresh, nature, cool
BROWN: Utilitarian, earthy, wood, subtly rich, dignified
GREY: Authoritative, practical, corporate, understated
BLACK: Distinctive, bold, classic, sophisticated, strong, elegant, seductive

After understanding the meaning of colours, you may roughly gauge the person’s emotion or mood from their attire. On the other hand, to understand your own colours behaviour that being reflected by you without realising it earlier.



Cheongsam or also known as Qi Pao, is the symbolic dress code of Chinese ladies of any ages. The charm and elegance of a lady is fully reflected when she is wearing a nice fitted Cheongsam. It used to be worn during Chinese New Year in the past. However, it is getting more and more popular and common nowadays throughout the year as it truly present the charm and attractiveness of a lady.

Cheongsam or Qi Pao’s history stemmed from Manchus, belonging to the old Nuzhen people. The Qi Pao, or ‘banner dress’ when literally translated, outgrew the unification of the people under the Eight Banners System in very early 17th century in China. The Cheongsam of the Royal family in the Qing Dynasty, were constructed from silk, fully-embroidered, and were loose-fitting and also typically lengthy as it was an adjustment of the males’s Chang Pao. It wasn’t that well-liked those days as it looked like the males’s Chang Pao. As time passed, the modification of the fitting became more customised and fitted nicely to the ladies figures where it became the love of the ladies. The different pattern design is suitable for different ages of ladies.

The charm of the Cheongsam then began its influence from China to nearby countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as at some point became part of the culture in Singapore. The late Mrs Lee Kuan Yew comes into mind when one thinks about the famous Singapore Cheongsam. She used to wear Cheongsam as a mark of her Chinese identity. Today, nevertheless, the Cheongsam has developed to be a style declaration rather than a mark of one’s ethnic origins.

Catering to such a fashion trend, Sewing Classes Singapore had trained many students over the years to sew their own Cheongsam in the sewing classes and dressmaking workshops. As Sewing Classes Singapore personalised each student’s specific interest, it fits well for those who are interested and keen to learn to sew Cheongsam. The demand is especially popular a few months before the Chinese New Year each year. Every Chinese New Year, Sewing Classes Singapore proudly showcase many students with their own sewn different pattern design and style of Cheongsam on the Facebook page (

The next time you put on a Cheongsam, keep in mind that you are not simply wearing any kind of common attire but a rich piece of background and also an icon of women’s emancipation in the past!


How to choose the Right Sewing Machine

Ask any individual who sew or stitches, and also they will certainly inform you that the best practical creation of the last 2 hundred years, without a doubt, is the sewing machine. The sewing machine permits you to sew your garments and also home decor things quickly and skillfully. A sewing machine makes fast work of stitching even huge items of textile with each other which in the past would have taken hours to do manually.

As the sewing machine has evolved, it has actually tackled an entire brand-new measurement in crafting. Whatwas once used merely to save time making valuable things is now able to do complex, vivid needlework and also do several other creative jobs far more quickly than can be done manually. The opportunities are essentially unlimited with today’s modern sewing machines.

Due to the fact that every sewer is an individual, it is difficult to claim there is one “ideal” sewing machine around for every person. Your sewing requirements need to inevitably dictate the machine you acquire. If you never ever plan on doing machine embroidery, then you do not need a sewing machine capable o

f doing it. Due to the fact that embroidery sewing machines are much more pricey compared to a much more basic design which will certainly fulfill your requirements simply great, you could save your money.

The very first point you should do is take a seat as well as make a list of all the important things you desire your sewing machine to be able to do for you. Do you want embroidery capability? Do you want free-arm capability? Do you want to have the ability to quilt with your sewing machine? Will you we stitch on extremely hefty materials such as jeans? By addressing these questions you can form an excellent list of your sewing machine expectations.

If you are new to sewing it is a great idea to get with each other with various other individuals you know, like your sewing teacher, who possess sewing machines and see if you can try theirs out. Ask if they will let you try sewing on their machine and also will certainly inform you all of the things they like and dislike on their particular sewing machine brand and model.

Struck the Web and also do some serious research when you have some idea of just what you could want in a sewing machine. Go to manufacturer websites along with those which are owned by sewing experts. If the sewing machine you are interested in gets excellent review or bad, read what is out on the Internet. Individuals prefer to grumble, so you may locate grievances on every sewing machine available. Just ignore the one or two complaints. Pay more attention to those where you begin reviewing the very same objection over and over again. A couple of people can be a fluke, but twenty individuals are probably not.

When you have a great idea of what sewing machine you desire to buy for your own, after that go out right into the shops and look at them. Look at sewing machine shops as well as also at your regional craft shops.

When you are in the shops ask to check out the sewing machine and see if you could discover one that you truly like that satisfies your requirements. If you can, then that is your sewing machine. If you cannot, then it is time to move on to one more shop.

Investing in a sewing machine is an investment in your craft so it is very important to take the time and make the appropriate option. Your ideal sewing machine for your needs will certainly serve you well for lots of sewing years to find.

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