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Sewing can beself-learntthrough reading sewing books where you can buy from the bookshop ore-bookfrom Internet. The books would show you step-by-step guidelines on how toDo-It-Yourself (DIY).

Alternatively, you may also opt to enroll for online sewing classes with video lessons on the demonstration. It is flexible in timing but you need extraself-disciplineto make sure you complete your lessons.

Online Fashion Course

A fashion course created by someone who started from her kitchen table to export worldwide. 20 weekly lessons in a 5 monthly membership.

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Otherwise, you can enroll forsewing classesoffering near your place to have physical guidance from the teachers. You will learn and master the skills in a shorter period of time with your hands-on. You can choose to attend a group classesorpersonal coachingdepending on your budget and requirement. Undeniably, group classes would have a fixed schedule that you need to follow. A one-to-one personal coaching class is more flexible in timing as the teacher is payingfull attentionto you and it can becustomizedto your objective and challenges area which you need to emphasize and improve on.

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Email us at enquiry@SewingClassesSingapore.com to let us know your requirement and we can source a suitable sewing teacher for you to kick start your sewing journey now.