The Meaning of Colours


The Meaning of Colours

Everyone has different colours preference. Are you aware of the meaning of each colour and how to choose and apply the colours? What kind of impression that you have given to others?

The colour you choose to wear reflects your mood or an occasion for the day. It actually in-sync with our state of mind. Some days you feel like wearing black and some days you go with all red picking from your wardrobe.

Three major classes of colours are:

  1. Active Colours (Red, pink, yellow, orange)
    Strong, passionate and seeks to stand out
  2. Passive Colours (Blue, green, purple)
    Calming, soothes.
  3. Neutral Colours (White, black, gray, beige, brown)
    Generally relaxing, and boring to some.

Colour Groupings - The Meaning of Colours
3 Main Classes of Colours

However, the shade of the above colours would make you feel different. For example, bright fiery red and muted brick red, would have a different emotion and response. There are saturated colours and muted colours.

Saturated Colours vs Muted Colours - The Meaning of Colours
Saturated Colours vs Muted Colours

The meaning of the colours:

Red: Action, confidence, courage, vitality
Pink: Love, beauty
Brown: Earth, order, convention
Orange: Vitality with endurance
Gold: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom
Yellow: Wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
Green: Life, nature, fertility, well being
Blue: Youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Purple: Royalty, magic, mystery
Indigo: Intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
White: Purity, Cleanliness
Black: Earth, stability
Gray: Security, maturity

As a general colour guide:
WHITE: Pure, truthful, modern, contemporary, refined, clean
YELLOW: Positive, sunny, warm, happy
ORANGE: Fun, cheerful, warm, exuberant, playful, vibrant
PINK: Feminine, innocent, soft, healthy, calming, secure, sweet
RED: Bold, excited, passionate, strong, vital, sexy, powerful
BLUE: Authoritative, secure, trusting, reliable, mysterious
GREEN: Tranquil, healthy, fresh, nature, cool
BROWN: Utilitarian, earthy, wood, subtly rich, dignified
GREY: Authoritative, practical, corporate, understated
BLACK: Distinctive, bold, classic, sophisticated, strong, elegant, seductive

After understanding the meaning of colours, you may roughly gauge the person’s emotion or mood from their attire. On the other hand, to understand your own colours behaviour that being reflected by you without realising it earlier.

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